How to be polite (Embrace our confusing language)

Know the most important hungarian words to survive the night. here is our Hungarian dictionary for you.

Because I’m an exceedingly polite gentleman and a very good conversationalist, I hereby try to pass some of my wisdom to you, dear fellow traveller, who choose this dirty corner of the world worthy  for your attention. You did it rightfully, as not only the landscape of our hometown is unbeatable, and the smile of our ladies are melting hearts. As well, we possibly have the weirdest language you ever heard, resembling to no other.

Now, before you might think, no linguistic interest is needed to have the urge of learning a few words of our tongue, locals will also much appreciate you, trying to squeeze out your precious, hard learnt words on the fence of your teeth.

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How to Budapest 101

If you're new to the city, you'll definietly need some help. Our how to budapest guide will give you that assistance.

Traveling is one of the most amazing things in life. Exploring beautiful places and learning about new cultures is a mind blowing experience, as long as you don’t learn the hard way. Doing your research can help you avoid most sticky situations, but let’s be honest: Sometimes you just want to travel lazy and wing it. We’ve put together some of the essentials so that you can make the most out of your stay without the heavy lifting 🙂

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