How to Budapest 101

If you're new to the city, you'll definietly need some help. Our how to budapest guide will give you that assistance.

Traveling is one of the most amazing things in life. Exploring beautiful places and learning about new cultures is a mind blowing experience, as long as you don’t learn the hard way. Doing your research can help you avoid most sticky situations, but let’s be honest: Sometimes you just want to travel lazy and wing it. We’ve put together some of the essentials so that you can make the most out of your stay without the heavy lifting 🙂

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Hen and Stag Weekends

Organizing a holiday can be pretty hard. There are so many details to work out, so many e-mails to send, so many expenses to keep track of that after a certain time you just want to be done with the whole thing and feel the relief that nothing went wrong. The only thing you can’t focus on is the fun you are actually supposed to have. If only there was an easier and quicker way to figure out what to do, to set up a proper schedule and make sure you don’t miss out on anything. If only there was a guy to do this instead of you. We have walked a few miles in these shoes and decided that no one should go through this hassle anymore. We decided to be that guy. We are organising the best hen and stag parties in the city.

As more and more travelers starting to notice Budapest the number of ways to have fun here is growing exponentially. We sat down to sift through the pile of activities available and list the ones we think are truly worth your time and money. All you need to do is getting in contact with us and together we can plan a truly unique stag that is tailored exactly to your needs. If you have any specific request that is not mentioned here, don’t hesitate to bring it up and we can figure out a way to make it happen: your dream hen and stag party in Budapest! Let your imagination go wild and let your guy in Budapest worry about the practicalities.

Rent a boat

Sailing is fun. It would be even more fun if you didn’t have to give a damn about the technical part of the deal, only enjoy the scenery, sip your drink and let the river rock you into comfortable numbness. You are in luck cause that’s exactly what we’re offering. Our hostess picks you up, takes you to our boat and keeps you company all the way through. Our vessel is stacked with drinks and food so we got that covered as well. The only thing you need to do is enjoy yourself. For some titillating extras, read below!

From 150000HUF, (2hours) please send us a mail with exact number of participants and we can reply with the exact offer.
Extras: Topless Waitress, Naked Body Buffet, Strip Show, Full Catering, All you can drink package etc...

Stag dinner

No, it does not mean that you have to eat a deer. You can however. We are going to take you out for the feast of your lifetime. We recommend you to fast for a few days beforehand, cause you are going to need the biggest possible space in your stomach and a wolfish hunger for what’s coming.

Dinner and stripper

You’ve just had a pleasant meal with your buddies, your belly is almost full but not quite. You still have room for some candy, you sweet tooth, you! Well, if that is what you desire, we are gonna give it to you. But we aren’t half-assing when it comes to entertainment. Your dessert is going to be served on the naked body of a gorgeous lady. After thoroughly vacuuming every crumb off of her, she’s shifting from table to stripper and giving you a performance as well. Once you’ve shifted from hungry to… well you know, we’re taking you to the best strip club in Budapest. Sweet right?

You get:

a local guide
A shot of pálinka (Hungarian schnapps)
Two Beers
A three course meal of your choice
Delicious dames for dessert
Entry to Budapest’s Top Strip Club after dinner

Shooting range

You are finally on holiday so you have time to let loose a little. Feel all the stress and frustration exploding from your body as you are firing an AK-47, a Desert Eagle or a double barrel shotgun. Everybody needs a little controlled destruction from time to time. Just pick the guns you want to try and fire away! You have to be sober for this one though!

From 13000HUF/Person

Rent a strip club

If you have ever entertained the thought of following the footsteps of Tony Montana, but you don’t want to go through the hassle of building up and running a criminal empire, you get a trial-run from us. You can have your own strip club for the night. Accompanied only by your most trusted friends you can enjoy a steaming private strip show and free drinks at the bar. Feel like The Man for a night and figure out the rest tomorrow!

Exclusive venue rental, non stop performance, 1 hour open bar, one personal show. 10.000 HUF/Person. Dancers and extra drinks come at an additional cost. Available only From 8p.m to 10p.m.

Bubble Football

Do you have that one friend who you love but sometimes you just want to send him through a freakin wall? If you still feel that way, invite him for a friendly game of bubble football. The match is still won by the team scoring more goals but you can still feel like a winner every time you make one of your friends fly, or body check someone from 2 meters. Nobody is going to get hurt, but you will be thirsty as hell afterwards, if you know what we mean.

From 4000HUF/Person, depending on number of participants and date.

Wine tasting

Wine is a very important tradition in Hungary. You can say it’s in our blood. We have been making this wonderful drink for more than a thousand years all over the country, and if you travel to the countryside from Budapest there is a good chance that you will arrive to a wine region in less than an hour. But do you want to drive for days just to try a few types of wine? Of course not. What to do then? Well, we have just the solution. Join us, sit back and let a wine expert line up the best wines Hungary has to offer. You can choose the types you are intrigued about, or you can let us handle the selection completely. We guarantee that you’ll be amazed!

From 8.000 HUF/Person @Cultivini
Desired selection of Hungarian Wines to be tasted.

Boat party

Is there a better way to experience the world famous Budapest riverside panorama than sailing up the Danube on a moving club? … We didn’t think so either. Whether you want to just relax and enjoy the view or breakdance after doing three shots in a row, you’re at the right place! Our boat is a space for both quiet contemplation and for your inner beast to be unleashed!

Price: From 5000HUF, Boat Party+ Pub Crawl: 8000HUF
Hangover Boat Cruise: 3600HUF/ Person

Hangover boat cruise

Nights can get pretty long when you immerse yourself in the Budapest nightlife. It’s pretty challenging to get going when you wake up with your head banging and your mouth being dry as the Gobi Desert. Fortunately, we are here to help you through the agony. Get on board our hangover-boat, let the waves and the breeze wake you ever so gently and fresh coffee to cleanse you and bring you back to life. The beautiful sights along the river can also help to take your mind off of the pain. After getting revitalized, and feeling complete again, hit the bar and take up were you’ve left off last night.



Budapest is getting more and more biker friendly. It has never been so safe to ride around the city on two wheels. You can rent bikes basically everywhere and start exploring right away. The only problem with this is that you need your hands to navigate so your capacity to consume alcohol drops significantly. As we are very passionate about drinking we cannot wholeheartedly recommend this activity. There is a solution however with which both needs can be satisfied. Rent a beerbike with your friends! It is basically a pub on wheels able to host up to 16 people. You are able to experience what it’s like to cycle around the city, but your hands are completely free to assist you in making 20 liters of beer (included in the price) disappear!

65.000 HUF/Bike with 20l of Beer (Max 16 people/Bike)

Thermal Baths

While Budapest is a city most known for the many opportunities it offers to get messed up in ways you couldn’t imagine, there are also many safe havens in the jungle of debauchery for those to wish to recover from their wild adventures or just tired after a long trip. Among these wonderful oases thermal baths are the most amazing. You can feel hot water pulling the pains from your joints and muscles as you are marveling at the stunning architecture of these century-old buildings. A treat for all senses of which a whole day can be made out of! And the best thing? It just evaporates your hangover!

5.000 HUF/Person

Escape Game

Being on holiday means that you just turn off your brain for a few days, relax and enjoy what an exotic foreign city has to offer. It doesn’t always have to be that way though. There are many ways for your mind to be stimulated whilst indulging in physical pleasures. You can go to a museum, check into a library or attend a free walking tour. You can also visit an escape room. There are many around Budapest each offering a unique one-hour adventure. The scenario is pretty much the same everywhere: you and your friends are locked in room (or rooms) and through solving a series of mind-boggling puzzles, collecting cues and opening locks you have to find your way out. You have to utilize your individual wits to solve the riddles but you also have to efficiently work as a group, communicate and utilizing your time. Enter as curious individuals, emerge as a well-functioning unit of winners! … and drink a few beers after!

Price: From 13000HUF/ Room Max 5person/ Room

Private Room at a Strip Club

If your friend is going to be married in a few days, he needs a proper sendoff! It’s alright to drink your way through the city, trying completely new dishes but leaving without visiting a strip club would be a crime. Of course only visiting a strip club would be a bit 2010 so we decided to crank up the heat a little. You get a private room for an hour with two unrealistically gorgeous girls. We also throw two bottles of champagne in the mix, because proper hydration is key in these situations! One hour sure flies away pretty fast, so make good use of it!

2 Bottles of champagne, 2 girls, 1 hour, Max 8 person, 170.000 HUF

Kayaking on the Danube

Are you starting to grow a little lángos-belly? No wonder, because the food in Hungary, while divinely delicious, is very heavy and you are never further than 2 meters from a pint of beer when you are in Budapest. It is quite hard to stay in shape under such circumstances and you shouldn’t worry about it while you are on holiday really. Although, if you are feeling like breaking a sweat, getting away from the city and getting lost in the embrace of Mother Nature, this one is for you. Row downriver before the background of the marvelous Budapest panorama. We are warning you: It is going to hurt a bit but that is part of the deal. We promise you that your dinner is going to taste a thousand times better than any meal you ever had.

From 14000HUF/ Person Duration 4Hours (Every day from 9 a.m.)

For Groups

Guided Budapest pub crawl tours for groups with native, local hosts!

Whatever is the occasion, stag or hen do, birthday, company holiday, sport team celebration or something else, this section is for you, to have an unforgettable Budapest pub crawl experience.

Let it be a smaller or bigger group, sometimes, people want to stay with friends only. In these scenarios, having a local by your side can come in handy to show you the best spots, avoid tourist traps and help you to have the night of your life.

Let us help you discover the nightlife of Budapest and forget worrying about getting separated. Join us for a tour tailored to your needs, starting when and where you want and your only job will be the same as the others: drink and enjoy the night.
Choose from the options below and find the one that fits you the best. If none is to your liking fear not, just get in touch and we will put something together that suits you the most!

Please note that we qualify every pub crawl party of 8 and over as a group, and as such they fall under special conditions. Groups attending our regular tours instead of a private tour are subject of a 2000 huf/person service charge and won’t be required to tip. This is to avoid certain past events from repeating themselves and to avoid issues caused by group dynamics so that we can provide you with a smooth evening. This isn’t made to entrap you in anything, and in case you aren’t happy with our services we will be happy to provide you with a refund.

Power Hour Pub Crawl

Power hour Budapest pub crawl tour. Get the most out of the city in one hour.

  • flexible starting time and place
  • english speaking guides
  • venues chosen upon your preferences
  • providing helpful, friendly, local, English speaking guides
  • visiting 3 of the best bars in town and a club at the end.
  • shot at the first Bar
  • an hour of UNLIMITED wine, beer and local spritzer “Macifröccs” at the second bar
  • shot at the third bar
  • club entrance to one of the most happening clubs in town covered, with skipping the queue

Price: 6000 HUF or 19 EURO / Person

Regular Pub Crawl

Have the best of Budapest with your friends and our hosts in a guided Budapest pub crawl tour.

  • English speaking guides
  • Welcome Shot in all the bars (3 or 4 bars depending on your desired starting time and preferences)
  • Flexible starting time and place
  • Entrance to one of the most happening clubs in town
  • Skipping all queues
  • Choosing venues upon your preferences, (less or more exclusive, ruin bars or regular places)

Price: 3500HUF or 12EURO / Person

Of course, if you want to add anything else, we are eager to help and will find a solution. We do Budapest pub crawl tours every day! Contact Us or Register Now

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How to get there: take Tram Line 4-6, Metro Line 2 (Red line) or Bus lines 7-173 and get off at stop "Blaha Lujza tér".

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