Frequently Asked Questions

Does it run every night?

Almost. We run Budapest Pub Crawl tours 364 days of the year. Until we can build our very own binge drinking cyborgs the tours will have to take a break on the 24th of December. Fear not you Christmas hating freaks, technology is advancing pretty rapidly 🙂

Does it include drinks?

Getting a bit greedy huh? 😀 The tour itself does not include drinks or entrance fees to venues, but we do have an upgrade that does. This 10 euro beast makes your evening cheaper, drunker…and your following morning a waking nightmare 😛

Is it really free?

Yes…umm…no…kindda? This is obviously a business, we just go about it a different way. While most pub crawls charge you 10-15 euros upfront we use a different approach. Come on the tour, check it out and decide for yourself whether or not it was worth your money. Had a great time? Pay whatever you think is fair. Was it not living up to your expectations? It was free. Simple as that.

What if I’m late?

We obviously don’t rush off at 22:00 on the dot from our meeting spot. Since a lot of travelers tend to have issues with being on time we usually stick around till 22:15. Please do your best to make it by then. If you just missed us fear not. Just message us on whatsapp or call and we will tell you where to find us. Please note that we do NOT accept new guests after 23:00.

Are you running pub crawls only?

No, we actually run quite a few tours to show you different aspects of the city. Check out our alternative walking tour if you are thirsting for something beyond the typical sightseeing, pop in to one of our weekly boat parties to kick back with some drinks and the greatest view, or shoot us a message if you need a hand planning your weekend hen/stag shenanigans. Take a peek at our other tours.

How much money do I need for a night out?

We get asked this a lot, and we have found throughout the years that most people visiting heavily underestimate their budget.

Partially our currency is to blame, as having thousands in your pockets makes you feel like you are holding onto real wealth. The sad reality is that 1000 huf is only a bit over 3 euros...and it won’t take you very far.

You also tend to spend more in cheaper countries as you feel like you can afford anything. And those cheap drinks rack up quite the bill by the end of the night 😀

We usually recommend having a bit of loose cash with you, as it makes life easier. 10000 huf (about 33 euros) should cover most nights out. This obviously isn’t the necessary budget for a night out, it’s the recommended amount for a comfortable one. You can easily go out and get trashed on 10 euros, if budgeting and binge drinking is your only concern. You can also easily spend a lot more if you are a fan of shots, mixed drinks and late night snacks.

Please note that late night currency exchange is beyond sketchy and credit cards aren’t widely accepted, so if you head out without having a couple thousand HUF on you, you will be in for a short and sober evening.

How do we get home in the end?

Our tours run in the city center, and don’t cover an incredible amount of distance, so we have faith in you being able to operate the streets of Budapest 😀 With that being said we always look out for our own, and will tell you our location and directions to nearby transport hubs at the end. If you are still unsure just hop on the wifi at the club, and let google take care of the rest. If this seems like a difficult task please bring a permission slip from your parents before attending our tours.