Our Hostel

Over our years of traveling we have stayed in countless hostels and worked in a few in between as well. Eventually we felt like its about time and decided to open our own. Call us hopelessly nostalgic, but we believe in the good old days, the golden age of backpacking, when a hostel wasn’t just a roof over your head with some industrial design and a (hopefully) functional wifi. We believe that the place you can call home for a few days and the company you keep has a huge impact on how your trips turn out. We hope to bring you the best of both.

Being frequent backpackers ourselves we have put our experiences towards building something that isn’t a money cow. Making a buck is great but on the long run we like putting our names behind things that hold quality and value. Just look at our Pub Crawl ratings, they speak loud and clear about our business mentality.
Our hostel is located in the absolute middle of the city, right next to the Bazilika, and just a couple of minutes walking from absolutely anything that might be of any interest to you. Hostel giants aren’t really our thing, so our place is big enough that you can meet plenty of new people but small enough that you don’t get lost wandering the hallways.

These are the goodies we offer:

  • Our amazing company. We are pretty damn cool.
  • Endless knowledge about the city. We know things that your guidebooks don’t. (Although it all comes down to 42, so the rest is just fluff anyways.)
  • Free Wifi that actually works, even during your 10 minutes of morning solitude.
  • Free tea and coffee because vodka isn’t an acceptable breakfast beverage.
  • Free bed linen (even though it’s ridiculous that this is considered a feature).
  • Free towels…don’t leave earth without one.
  • Board games for lazy hungover nights.
  • A TV in case you went on a walking tour and now you feel the urge to wash away the taint of culture with binge watching a season of Jersey Shore.
  • Books, not just for wobbly tables.
  • Sarcasm 101 lessons.
  • Free Pub Crawls every night, so we can share your company with other individuals.

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