The Plan

Wanna see how the locals party? Join us any day of the week and we will show you how Hungarians practice the world’s slowest and most popular suicide. Would you like to check out every guide book’s top recommendation? Well, that’s something we won’t do.

This is what we do instead:
Visit 3 different alternative bars off the beaten track
Try drinks you never even heard of
End up in one of the most happening clubs in town.

How does this work?

Our sole purpose is to give you the best night out in town possible. We will take you to our favorite bars, introduce you to bizarre local liquor and help you meet new people.
Had a great time? Tip the tour guide, simple as that.
Please note that due to the free nature of the tour it doesn’t include drinks or entrance fees to venues. However we do have an optional wristband that gets you sorted for the night.

The Wristband

For those of you who are looking to party, hit it hard and not spend much at the same time we have put together the following package:

  • A shot at the first bar
  • An hour of unlimited wine and beer at the second bar
  • A shot at the third bar
  • Free entrance to the club at the end
  • Skipping lines

These wristbands are optional but make your night significantly cheaper and easier.
11 euros /3500 HUF

You can buy the wristbands at the first bar.


Meeting Point

1072 Budapest, Akácfa street 1-3 (at the Burger King at Blaha Lujza square)

Every night at 10 pm regardless of weather or season

How to get there: take Tram Line 4-6, Metro Line 2 (Red line) or Bus lines 7-173 and get off at stop "Blaha Lujza tér".

Reserve My Spot

Registration is not a requirement for the tours but its helping us a great deal. Even if you are uncertain about attending please drop us a line and mention that you might be coming. In case of cancellation try to notify us via email/phone, even if you only get the chance the following day.




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