Sometimes you just want to tame the ape inside you and pretend to be a functioning member of society. Our Pub Crawl is world class, but it doesn’t mean that its a one size fits all shindig. If you want to see something besides the ruin bars, or just take a break from the usual tourist crowd you have come to the right place. Join us for an evening going beyond binge drinking, drunken mumbling and lost shoes, and explore an uncharted part of Budapest even most locals don’t know about.

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Roof over my head

Over our years of traveling we have stayed in countless hostels and worked in a few in between as well. Eventually we felt like its about time and decided to open our own. Call us hopelessly nostalgic, but we believe in the good old days, the golden age of backpacking, when a hostel wasnt just a roof over your head with some industrial design and a (hopefully) functional wifi. We believe that the place you can call home for a few days and the company you keep has a huge impact on how your trips turn out. We hope to bring you the best of both.


Here is what people think of us:

Sasha said about our guided pub crawl tour at Budapest: “The best night out I had in Budapest”
Sasha, Germany

“The best night out I had in Budapest”

Ciaran said about our guided pub crawl tour at Budapest: “I’ve been on this crawl three times now and will be doing it again.”
Ciaran, Portugal

“I’ve been on this crawl three times now and will be doing it again.”


  • Meeting Point: 1072 Budapest, Akácfa street 1-3 (at the Burger King at Blaha Lujza square)
  • Every night at 10 pm regardless of weather or season
  • How to get there: take Tram Line 4-6, Metro Line 2 (Red line) or Bus lines 7-173 and get off at stop “Blaha Lujza tér”.

This is what makes us unique

Explore the less known Ruin Pubs you shouldn't miss

These are places where we hang out in our free time. Perfect place for a Budapest Pub Crawl. You can save the touristy stuff for another day. It’s time to see something you wouldn’t find by yourself.

Drink like a local (with the optional drinking package)

Get your hands on our optional drinking package for 10 euros that gets you: 2 shots, 1 hour of unlimited hungarian beer/wine/the infamous shrek, free entry to the club and queue jumps. Have I mentioned 1 hour of unlimited drinks? Are you a lightweight? It will still save you loads of money. Want to know how it works? Here’s the plan.

Smaller groups, more fun

We split our crowd into groups of 30. It’s big enough for you to have plenty of company and small enough for us to be able to have some facetime with you. The groups still meet in every bar, but we can avoid herding you like sheep 🙂

No prepayment, no bad surprises

Instead of charging you on the spot then doing a lazy job we let you take the tour, see how you like it and leave you to make up your mind how much it was worth to you. It’s like tipping, kinda…not a fan of the word.

Meet other travelers (and our awesome crew)

There are a plenty of solo travelers on our Budapest pub crawl tours, so coming alone you need not worry. On top of that alcohol and cool bars make a great social lubricant. No ice gets left unbroken 😉

Organized by people who give a shit

Our crew of seasoned travelers understand the backpacker mindset like no other. Our approach was to organize night outs that we would love to be on the receiving end of. They are also a great deal of fun to hang out with. This still isn’t a nanny service, if you want to talk to them sometimes you have to…umm…go chat them up? Crazy right?


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Registration is not a requirement for the tours but its helping us a great deal. Even if you are uncertain about attending please drop us a line and mention that you might be coming. In case of cancellation try to notify us via email/phone, even if you only get the chance the following day.



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